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Planet Beach Saudi Arabia Hosts Valuable Breast Cancer Event
October 22, 2014

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Planet Beach Saudi Arabia hosted an event on October 18th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. to honor survivors.

Planet Beach Saudi Arabia blanketed itself in pink, as they recognized breast cancer survivors and their families. Several area sponsors provided decorations"...

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Awareness drive on bone disease launched
October 21, 2014

On the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day on Oct. 20, a medical technology giant has launched an awareness campaign about the risks of osteoporosis on sufferers’ health and quality of life, as well as on the best ways to prevent such a serious disease from occurring and spreading.

Dr. Walid Awwad at King Khalid University, speaking on behalf of the campaign by Medtronic, warned against underestimating the risks and health hazards of osteoporosis on the Saudi people: "The majority of fragility fracture patients are neither...

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Boehringer Ingelheim Initiates Global Phase III Study Investigating nintedanib* in Patients with Colorectal Cancer Refractory to Standard Treatments
October 21, 2014

• LUME-COLON 1 will evaluate the efficacy and safety of nintedanib* in specific patients with colorectal cancer, whose disease has progressed on previous treatment

• The study builds on the early efficacy sign observed in previous studies with nintedanib* in colorectal and lung cancer

• The study will"...

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Immunization campaign launched Kingdom-wide
October 20, 2014

The Ministry of Health launched an immunization campaign against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) throughout the Kingdom on Sunday in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

MMR vaccines are being given to students in grade one.

Following the launch, Abdullah Asiri, assistant deputy minister for preventive medicine, said that the vaccination campaign will be carried out in government, private, international and community schools across the Kingdom.

He added that the program is being undertaken to prevent all...

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Health Insurance Companies on the Abu Dhabi Residency Website
October 19, 2014

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Abu Dhabi received a memorandum from the Health Authority- Abu Dhabi, which includes the updated list of approved health insurance companies by the authority.

Health Authority- Abu Dhabi expressed their appreciation for the continuous cooperation with the"...

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Abu Dhabi Medical Efforts Hailed in Organizing the Pan Medical Conference
October 19, 2014

Many of the physicians participating in the Pan Medical Conference “Women’s Health”, hailed the outstanding efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police Medical Services in organizing the conference, and in attracting the best consultants to showcase the latest medical developments in the field of women’s health through the Pan Medical Conference.


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USD 300,000 for Ebola from Saudi Arabia
October 16, 2014

The Saudi Arabia based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) last week approved US$300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) as Technical Assistance for the fight against the Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in Sierra Leone.

The Technical Assistance came a few weeks after an appeal was made by Sierra"...

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Hygiene campaign targets children
October 16, 2014

The Kingdom, in cooperation with the private sector, observed Global Handwashing Day on Wednesday.

The day focuses on children, who not only suffer disproportionately from diarrhea, respiratory diseases and deaths, but also serve as powerful agents for changing behaviors within communities.

Global Handwashing Day was originally launched to spread hygiene awareness among schoolchildren with the help of multinational Unilever, which has popular hand soap brand Lifebuoy.

“Simple hygiene measures, such as washing...

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AHF Mourns Liberia’s Dr. Taban Dada; Urges African Union and W.H.O. to Accelerate Ebola Response
October 14, 2014

(ME NewsWire)-- The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) mourns the loss of another Doctor, Dr. John Taban Dada, who died due to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa. Dr. Dada, a Ugandan national, succumbed to the Disease on 9th October 2014 in Monrovia, Liberia. By the time of his death, Dr. Dada was working at Liberia’s largest hospital, JF Kennedy Memorial Center, and was consulting with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation partner in HIV service"......

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$300,000 for Ebola from Saudi Arabia
October 13, 2014

The Saudi Arabia based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) last week approved USD $300,000 as Technical Assistance for the fight against the Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in Sierra Leone. (Photo: Ambassador Kargbo signing Tech. Assistance Agreement for Sierra Leone)

The Technical Assistance came a few weeks after an appeal"...

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