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Afif women have to drive 360 km for ID

Saudi Arabia, August 7, 2017

Women in Afif Governorate have to drive 360 km just to get their national IDs issued.

Naif Al-Otaibi said the nearest Civil Status Office for women is in Al-Dawadmi City.

“Women have to face the dangers of the road and travel long distances just to get their own IDs, which are a necessity nowadays for they need it to get access to any government service. To facilitate the issuance of the IDs, we need a Civil Status Office for women in Afif,” said Al-Otaibi.

Nouf Al-Mutairi said it is her right as a citizen to have all government services available in her governorate.

“Having an ID is a necessity nowadays and we need to have the process facilitated for us. Many women fall victim to the tribulations of the road. The travel is also time-consuming and tiring. Issuing an ID should not be a near-death situation, and a small office to the job would be appreciated,” said Al-Mutairi.

Khalid Al-Otaibi said the Ministry of Civil Status has sent a mobile office to Afif Governorate but it hasn’t been sufficient in providing the required services. The ministry must open an office in the governorate for women, or at least increase the frequency of the mobile unit in proving this service.