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From finance industry to culinary world, all you need is passion

Saudi Arabia, August 8, 2017

For some people it is never too late to follow up on their passion and attain their goal of being what they want. Reham Kabli, a Saudi mother, is one of such person who rocks with a fine balance of her mind and heart. And she has written a passionate success story by superbly streamlining her professional career in finance and her love for cooking.

Kabli, who is in her mid 30s, has a bachelor degree in Microbiology. Unfortunately, when she graduated, she tried to find a job that is related to her educational background, yet no place would accept to recruit her. She then took several courses in finance and found a job in this industry.

Her passion for food and culinary world, however, did not cease, so with the support of her husband and family, she created an Instagram account under the name of ‘Cake and Pastry.’ Through this account she tested waters by cautiously identifying the popularity of her products in the market. Since she baked special cakes, sweet, and savory products with unique flavors and tastes, she proved an instant marque, as she succeeded in grabbing the attention of people.

She said, “My businesses’ name outside Instagram is ‘Sugar Crumbs’. My passion for baking started a long time ago. Since I was a kid I was very interested in baking cakes and making sweets. Throughout the years my passion grew with me and I started to create and come up with my own recipes by trying out different ingredients.”

She added that her family and friends supported her and pushed her to develop this talent and use it to start her own business.

“I started taking courses overseas in designing, decorating and baking. I officially started this business about three years ago. Currently, I receive between 4 to 6 orders per day and my products are sweets and savory.”

She mentioned that her husband and mother are encouraging her to work harder to grow her business. Both of them are also helping her in taking care and raising her two children, since she has two jobs.

“My husband is also helping me in taking care of the kids since having two jobs and being a mother is very difficult and the bonus is that my mother also is helping,” Kabli added.

She added that if the business becomes bigger, she might opt to leave her job one day and focus on cooking only. Some of the issues that she’s facing is the lack of manpower and she’s struggling in having a strong marketing and sales team. “Yet, I’m still receiving positive feedback from my customers,” she said.

Kabli said, “I created and developed my own types of cakes and sweets. The difference and uniqueness sets my products apart, and I receive positive feedback almost every time I fulfill an order. People always reorder and want to try out the other cakes and sweets that I offer.”

When she was asked about her goals for 2017, she answered that she wants to invest in herself. “I want to invest in myself and enhance my skills by taking a diploma in baking and cake decorating, pastry and confectionery in London. On the other hand, I also want to expand my business and increase sales,” she added.