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Buraidah Dates Festival a big draw

Saudi Arabia, August 12, 2017

Buraidah Dates Festival, the largest of its kind in the world, has been attracting thousands of customers, farmers and traders since its beginning on Aug. 5. Tens of thousands of cartons of dates are on display in the vast squares of the Dates City, which is bustling with trading activities that start with auctioning from the early morning. A total of 1,308,038 cartons of dates, weighing 3,924 ton, were at display at the market on board 9,249 vehicles during the first week of the 45-day festival. More than 35 types of dates are showcased at the festival, of which the leading one is Sukkari. Other types include Hashishi, Aseela, Rothana, Saqai, Wanana, Shaqra and Al-Khalas.