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Saudi Red Crescent executes its plans to a T

Saudi Arabia, September 5, 2017

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Madinah is implementing its operational plan for the second Haj season this year to provide the best of services to the pilgrims after performing pilgrimage in Makkah and the holy sites.

The plan includes the provision of emergency health services for all pilgrims before they are transported to the hospital. The services are provided inside Madinah and in roads leading to Madinah and in all areas where there are pilgrims.

Saudi Red Crescent provides its services by receiving all requests for emergency medical service from all sources and to quickly direct the emergency ambulance unit to the locations. They also provide support to government and private agencies concerned with serving the pilgrims.

The main objective of the plan is to spread emergency service centers inside Madinah and in roads leading to Madinah and to provide the necessary means to ensure the operation of these centers throughout the Haj season, by providing the manpower and the ambulance units in the squares outside the Prophet’s Mosque in peak times.

The Saudi Red Crescent works on recruiting volunteer male and female doctors to work in the Prophet’s Mosque and in other mosques in Madinah. They succeeded in recruiting up to 133 male and female volunteers.

The program included applying advance emergency skills in dealing with emergency cases inside the prophet mosque by measuring vital indicators of pressure, pulse and oxygen.