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Madinah sees sales boom during Hajj season

Saudi Arabia, September 6, 2017

Madinah experiences a sales boom during the Hajj season, due to the greater number of shoppers, especially pilgrims.
Textiles, ready-made garments, gold, silver, jewelry and electronics are the most popular items.
“There are many types of gold, including Kuwaiti and Bahraini, but local gold is the most requested due to its quality and diversity of designs,” said Suhail Al-Muhari, a salesman at a gold shop on Assalam Street.
Hajj Hassan Mohammed Hassan from Egypt said he bought prayer beads and rings for his brothers and relatives, and a handbag and a piece of cloth for his wife.
Shopkeeper Abdullah Abdul Hamid said traditional beads cost less than SR10 ($2.67), but “some pilgrims look for high-quality beads made from precious stones that are worth thousands of riyals.”
Dates are another popular gift, and date shops and markets abound.
“Pilgrims prefer to buy Ajwah dates,” said Pakistani vendor Mohammad Assem. “The price of 1 kg ranges from SR35 to SR80.”