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KAU is working to cater to the needs of private sector

Saudi Arabia, October 12, 2017

In contrast to institutions of higher learning and research that are struggling to find funding to sustain and develop academic and research activities in many parts of the world, universities in Saudi Arabia receive excellent support, said an international expert on global ranking of universities.

Phil Baty, director of global rankings of THE (Times Higher Education), said King Abdulaziz University of Jeddah was not only top in the Kingdom but also in Arab world.

Speaking at a press conference with KAU Rector Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Ayoubi here on Wednesday, Baty said the university would host a three-day summit of Middle East and North African universities in March next year with the theme “Fulfilling our potential and developing a knowledge-based economy for MENA region.”

He said Saudi Vision 2030 was “a clear and straight road map to the future ahead where Saudi universities have to play a vital role.”

Baty said for almost all countries intending to diversity their economies knowledge-based education was important.

He said institutions of learning were adapting to impart multiple subjects to help students sustain in a volatile job market and equip them to embrace emerging challenges in knowledge-based economies.

Baty said THE, a leading provider of higher education data for the world’s research institutions, has taken different 13 indicators in various aspects to assess the ranking of KAU.

The international collaboration and exposure to global trend was considered as an important factor while assessing the university, he added.

He said King Abdulaziz University had an excellent and proven track record of international collaboration with leading universities and international faculty.

Al-Ayoubi said King Abdulaziz University has been working to fulfill the requirements of the private sector.

He said KAU was striving for quality education initiatives and obtaining cutting-edge technologies to meet the private sector requirements.

He said the institution had been working to achieve the goals of Vision 2030 laid down by Kingdom’s leadership.

“We build the nation by empowering the youth to adhere to social values and sustain economically,” Al-Ayoubi said.