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Sultan City gets CIBAHI accreditation

Saudi Arabia, October 30, 2017

The Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutes has recently awarded accreditation to Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City.

The accreditation is a clear indication of good quality of services provided by the SHC’s multi-disciplined team to patients and the city’s full commitment to the application of CBAHI standards in the medical rehabilitation field.

Dr. Salem Al-Wahabi, director general of CBAHI, commented: “The accreditation by CBAHI, which focuses on the development of quality services, contributes to raise the efficiency of the medical services delivered by the health facilities in the Kingdom. It is part of the center’s commitment to make sure that all health facilities are strictly applying quality and safety standards in all specializations. CBAHI keeps an eye on the innovative approaches, advanced technology, and professional talents as they fully contribute in raising the level of health care delivered to all patients.”

CIBAHI is the official authority for granting accreditation to a health facility that makes an extraordinary commitment to providing safe, high-quality care. Considered essential to ensure safety of patients and help reduce medical mistakes, CBAHI standards play a vital role in enhancing the patient’s experience and interactions when under medical care all over the Kingdom.