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MOI study to develop 3rd version of Saudi ID card

Saudi Arabia, November 8, 2017

The Ministry of Interior has revealed a study to develop the third version of the Saudi identity card using modern technologies to cope with the electronic transformation. It has also refuted recent claims in a section of the press about removing picture of the bearer from the card.

Social media outlets recently announced the launch of a new version of the ID card early next month, using smart Nano technology and removing the identification photo, Al-Hayat Arabic daily said.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed plans to develop the current Saudi identity card using modern technologies and adding a number of technical features to keep pace with the electronic transformation, pointing out that what was recently discussed about the specifications of the new card as 'inaccurate'. Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Mohammed Al-Jasser said that what is being circulated on social media about changing the form of the national identity card is inaccurate, pointing out that the ministry is currently working with the concerned authorities to develop the national identity card.

Al-Jasser stressed that these developments come in line with the directions of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, in the process of investing in modern technologies and expanding the scope of services provided to citizens.

The latest version of the Personal Status Card features an electronic data storage chip, as well as a one-dimensional markup that includes the civil registry number, which makes it easy to read and reduces input errors.

The personal status card is an official document of Saudi citizens, using smart card technology.