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Water used in ablution recycled to irrigate parks

Saudi Arabia, November 14, 2017

Two municipalities in Jeddah have begun the initiative of recycling ablution water waste and using it to irrigate nearby parks and courtyards.

Airport Branch Municipality head Mohammad Al-Hilal said his municipality was inspired to follow what the managers of Al-Rahman Mosque in Al-Safa District were doing.

“Instead of letting the water dripping down the drain after ablution, we have developed a way for the water to go into nearby parks to irrigate the plants. We connected a tube that is 4 inches wide to a cistern with the capacity for 3 ton of water,” said Al-Hilal.

He added the initiative had many advantages including preserving water and deviating the ablution water waste from going into the sewer system creating an overflow.

New Jeddah Branch Municipality head Ayman Al-Damanhouri said his municipality has also followed suit.

“We have applied the same project to Al-Barakat Mosque in Al-Zahraa District and it has been a very eco-friendly,” said Al-Damanhouri.