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MOE consults International Bank on new activity hours

Saudi Arabia, November 22, 2017

The Ministry of Education consulted the International Bank as an unbiased entity to evaluate the mandatory four hours of activity time the ministry has included in the student’s weekly schedule during the current academic year, Al-Eqtisadiah reported.

A source reported the International Bank will evaluate the ministry’s decision on the economic and social effects of the decision. The bank will look into how these four hours in the week affected the lives of students, teachers and their parents.

Experts from the bank met several times with education officials, directors, teachers and parents to discuss the new decision and how to improve its intended effect.

The Ministry of Education launched Career Week Fund Program on Tuesday in Ibn Baz High School in Riyadh. The program is currently in its first phase. In the coming phases, the program will be applied in various boys and girls high schools in the Kingdom. The program is supervised and organized by 18 education directorates with collaboration with Human Resources Development Fund.

Riyadh Education General Directorate Hamad Al-Wahibi said Career Week Program is an intensive training and educational program that targets high school students.

The program educates students on the various career fields and opportunities available after they graduate. The program also offers entrepreneurship training and guidance. There are three funds available under the program. There are the Career Fund, the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Fund and the Guidance Fund,” said Al-Wahibi.

He added the three funds combine to create a comprehensive educational and training program to educate high school students of the Saudi job market, its needs and its opportunities.

Riyadh Directorate Boys’ Student Activities General Director Abdulhamid Al-Masood said the program presents the information in an entertaining and simplified way.

“Students will be exposed to skills needed in the workplace and will have an early education on the job market and what they need to prepare for. Students will also have guidance sessions to help them find the most suitable career path for them,” said Al-Masood.