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Georgia, Saudi Arabia Sign Memorandum on Air Traffic Agreement

Saudi Arabia, February 27, 2018

On February 22-23, negotiations on the text of the air traffic agreement between Georgia and Saudi Arabia took place between the aviation authorities of the two countries in Tbilisi.

Georgia’s Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development reports that at the end of the negotiations, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the parties, which enables the airlines of the both countries to conduct direct regular flights and sign commercial agreements until a final intergovernmental agreement is signed.

Within the framework of negotiations, the parties reached an agreement based on internationally recognized liberal principles established in the aviation sector.

According to the draft agreement, the quantity, capacity and frequency of designated airlines will be unlimited.

At the same time, the airlines will be able to determine the tariffs themselves and air traffic will be available between any points on the territories of the countries, from which international flights can be carried out.

The final intergovernmental agreement between the sides will be signed at a later date, which will create a legal basis for direct flights between Georgia and Saudi Arabia.

The sides believe the agreement will also promote tourism and develop trade-economic cooperation between the two countries.

The Georgian ministry added that taking into consideration the record-breaking number of visitors from Saudi Arabia to Georgia in recent years, the representatives of Saudi Arabian Airlines, who are interested in future cooperation, also visited Georgia within the frames of the meeting.