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Stench from sewage tankers irks Marwah neighborhood residents

Saudi Arabia, March 7, 2018

The residents of Marwah neighborhood have complained to the authorities about the increasing number of sewage tankers that park in a vacant land, Al-Madina daily reported. The drivers of the sewage tankers said the land owner rented it to them three weeks ago and asked every driver to pay SR200 a month. The residents complained about the bad smell that spreads everywhere in the neighborhood because of the large number of tankers that park in the lot.

Sami Al-Ghamdi, owner of an apartment building, says the tenants have complained about the bad smell and its harmful effect on their children. They said the bad smell reached the rooms. He explained to them that he cannot do anything about it.

“The tenants won’t put up with the bad smell for too long and soon will search for another neighborhood away from Al-Marwah. I hope the authorities will do something about it and make the drivers move the tankers to the outskirts of the city away from residential areas,” he said.

The National Water Company and the Jeddah Municipality are responsible for this situation because they should have provided special areas outside the city for the sewage tankers.

Another resident, who requested anonymity, said two of his children suffer from asthma and their situation has exasperated lately because of the bad smell. He does not understand how come the drivers reached his neighborhood which is located on a main road and close to King Abdulaziz International Airport.

One of the drivers said a Saudi man rented this land to them three weeks ago. He does not know the name of the land owner. The drivers used to park sewage tankers at a station near the airport but were asked to leave the station and go elsewhere.

Another driver said the drivers of sewage tankers are not permitted to drive on roads during rush hours and have to wait for hours before they can go to the station to discharge sewage.

Muhammad Al-Zahrani, director of business unit at the NWC, says the company is not responsible for this situation and that it is only responsible for tankers inside stations. He said the residents of the neighborhood should file a complaint at the Jeddah Municipality.

The Jeddah Municipality spokesman said necessary action will be taken soon.