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No change in visit visa fee

Saudi Arabia, May 6, 2018

The authorities have categorically denied social media rumors that visit visa fees have been reduced.

The social media rumor mill was once again very active last week when many expat community members started sharing false report about visa fee reduction without bothering to verify its authenticity.

Social media rumormongering continues despite repeated government warnings that such acts will be dealt under cybercrime laws.

The latest social media rumormongering said that the fees for visit visas have been reduced.

It said single entry visa fee has been reduced to SR300 from SR2,000. Similar reductions were claimed in multiple entry visit visa fees also.

Saudi Foreign Ministry officials clarified that there was no revision in visit visa fee and the same was confirmed by sources in Cairo and New Delhi.

It is noteworthy to mention that earlier also messages flooded social media about the cancellation of dependent’s fee. The rumor was laid to rest with a swift and categorical denial from the ministry.

Concerns have been raised about social media misuse with fake news and morphed photographs with fabricated narratives which are shared without any verification by users.

People must have some sense of responsibility toward society.

Internet rumors and false alarms are not unusual in today’s online ecosystem, but people must be wary about such ‘viral’ trending and fake claims.

In most cases, these turn out to be unfounded and only lead to confusion.

Dr. Ibrahim Zamzami, a noted lawyer, has advised people to avoid sharing social media news without verification of its authenticity.