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Nepal ready to send 100,000 house workers to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, May 27, 2018

Ananda Sharma, deputy head of the diplomatic mission at the Embassy of Nepal in Riyadh, has stated that his country would respond to Saudi Arabia's proposal for a new strategy to recruit 100,000 domestic workers after studying the proposal.

Sharma made the remarks to Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper following a meeting between him and Minister of Labor and Social Development Dr. Ali Al-Ghafis last week.

He said the proposal is being studied and discussed, describing them as in the initial phase.

Sharma said the government of Nepal has a positive view of the Saudi proposals to recruit domestic workers, especially as the export of domestic labor from Nepal to all countries had stopped and the export policy had been revised.

The Nepali diplomat pointed out that recruitment of domestic workers to Saudi Arabia is currently on hold and the status will change only after the signing of a official agreement between the two governments.

He attributed the reasons for the halt to sending maids abroad in general to concerns about the safety and welfare of the laborers.

'Nepal will be able to provide Saudi Arabia with about 100,000 if the proposed agreement is signed with appropriate salaries of up to SR1,500 per month,' Sharma said.