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Damad residents upset over incomplete 400-meter bridge

Saudi Arabia, May 29, 2018

Residents of the Damad Province in Jazan region, south of Saudi Arabia, are worried about the flow of floods that often causes many tragedies, especially in the road linking the villages of Al-Qumri and Damad. Despite the Ministry of Transport's approving the construction of a bridge linking the two regions with a bridge of 400 meters, construction has not started yet. People continue to suffer. The last incident caused 4 vehicles in the valley to drift due to heavy rains.

Residents called on officials to end their growing suffering by building a bridge that does not cost much and contributes to saving many lives.

Hussein Bashir Maafah warned of the danger of not building this bridge linking Damad and the neighboring villages because the flow of floods during heavy rainfalls causes many problems. He mentioned that recently rains threatened the lives of four families trapped inside cars during floods.

He said, 'If it were not for the efforts of the people and the Civil Defense personnel, there would have been a disaster. Effective solutions must be found by establishing a bridge linking the villages of Al-Qumri and Damad, and ending the risk facing drivers daily.'

Hassan Ali Maafah asked about the fate of the bridge project adopted by the Ministry of Transport on the Damad valley that is 400 meters long and was announced by the road representative. Maafah is surprised that construction failed although the bridge does not cost much. He described the trip to cross the Damad valley as a risk especially during the flow of floods.

Yahya Bashir Maafah said that fear is taking hold of the people of Samad whenever the sky is cloudy or about to rain. The flow of floods is always sweeping the vehicles. He demanded that the Ministry of Transport moves quickly to construct the bridge.

'During the rainy season, a lot of incidents happen on the Damad valley, because of the floods that are sweeping the passageways,' said Ahmed Mohammed Qassem.

'How long will we continue to live in a state of fear and terror, although the solution does not cost much,' he asked.

When Okaz/Saudi Gazette contacted the Roads Administration in Jazan to convey the complaints and demands of the residents no response was received, despite repeated contacts.