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Frequent power cuts irk residents of Al-Nabhaniya

Saudi Arabia, June 5, 2018

Once the summer season is over, the centers of Al-Nabhaniya governorate (140 km west of Buraidah) go into a severe crisis mode with frequent power cuts due to increased loads of generators. This is i addition to weather fluctuations that often aggravate the situation. Residents of the area have stressed the need for constant maintenance and to find urgent solutions to ensure continuation of electricity during high temperatures in the summer that affects patients, the elderly and children.

Bakr Al-Tuaijri expressed his displeasure at the increasing power outages in the villages and centers of Al-Nabhaniya. He added that the situation was exacerbated by the far location of the emergency services center and the delay in responding to the large number of complaints they receive, indicating that the problem is evident with patients undergoing kidney dialysis.

Abdullah Al-Alawi criticized poor electricity services and power cuts throughout the year in Al-Nabhaniya centers, pointing out that the problem is worse in the summer.

He stressed the importance of replacing old electricity tank, which is unable to cope with the growing population growth in the region. He pointed out that the continuous power cuts caused the breakdown of electrical appliances, causing heavy losses, as well as damage to food in refrigerators.

Al-Alawi called for replacement of the dilapidated electricity poles and increasing periodic maintenance work to ensure continuation of electricity, especially in the summer and high temperatures.

Maher Al-Badrani complained about the delay in passing residents complaints to 933, which takes two hours to reach the concerned employee in Qassim. He called on the Qassim Electricity Company to tighten the wires and to put the insulation between the high-pressure wires. He also said there must be continuous maintenance to protect the residents from the dangers they face.

Al-Badrani mentioned that Al-Nabhaniya Emergency Office is unable to cover its area, as it extends to 100 km to Al-Nimriyah Center to the north, 110 km to Al-Jalawiya Center to the south, and from east to west 80 km. He indicated that this distance is covered by only 4 cars, 6 employees; 4 in Al-Nabhaniya and 2 in Dil' Rasheed. He wondered how the vast area, with about 4,000 electricity subscribers, was covered by the small number of employees and with frequent interruptions.