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Start-up of the Week: Resal — The Uber of Saudi Arabia’s online gifting industry

Saudi Arabia, June 5, 2018

No matter how technology grows and churns out high-tech gadgets, flowers will always remain an integral part of human life.

Despite all the technological advancement, flowers come to one’s mind while planning to give somebody a present no matter what the occasion is. As a matter of fact, a present is deemed incomplete without a flower or a bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes it feels as if nature has not only made flowers to beautify this planet but also to express deep human emotions.

Perhaps, that was the idea behind the creation of Resal, a startup that specializes in delivering gifts to people.

“We thought sending a gift is the easiest way to help people stay connected and make them happy. So we decided to deliver happiness to people and spread smiles to people around us. We started with flowers because we believe it is the best way to express one’s emotions, and now we deliver flowers and other gift items to 20 cities across the country,” said Resal’s co-founder Hatem Al-Kamely.

Resal is an application that allows people to send flowers and other small gift items to their friends and loved ones in only a few clicks.

It offers different types of bouquets that are carefully designed to suit certain occasions.

Resal’s team started working to build a business model that could fit into the market. Starting from Jeddah, Resal now is delivering flowers to 20 cities within the Kingdom with a clear plan to cover 30 cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council by the end of 2018. It has plans to further expand its outreach to the entire Middle East.

Resal may be new in the Saudi gifting industry but its ambitious plans and growth rate indicate that a bright future lies ahead for this newcomer.

Currently, Resal does not own any flower shop or delivery cars or vans. It works as the Uber of gifting; it has its own unique system and database that allows it to execute gift orders at the right time and place.