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Municipality attributes delay in projects to lack of funds

Saudi Arabia, June 12, 2018

A number of Rafhaa residents warned of the chaotic urbanization witnessed by the new eastern neighborhoods in the province, such as Al-Yarmouk, Al-Jamaima, and the North. Although these areas are modern they lack many basic development projects. Further, they have low level of services and are affected by environmental and visual pollution.

The residents criticized the lack of entrances to the province, demanding the establishment of a sidewalk adjacent to the fence, which surrounds these neighborhoods and becomes a walking track. People expressed their resentment of road bumps that are random, which destroyed vehicles and confused traffic.

Nayef Al-Shammari said, 'Unfortunately, the new eastern neighborhoods in Rafhaa appear to be growing randomly. Instead of learning from mistakes made in the old neighborhoods and preventing the same from happening, we find the same issues again and again. All of this costs the citizens and country a lot of money and hardship.' He noted that chaos overwhelms those neighborhoods as well as the spread of sewage, which has created epidemics, insects, and unpleasant odors.

Khalid Al-Anzi said that the new neighborhoods in the east of Rafhaa suffer from randomness, with bumps in the streets and often cause damage to vehicles, as well as lack of appropriate access points to the area.

He complained about depriving those neighborhoods of parks and recreational facilities, suggesting the establishment of a sidewalk between neighborhoods, pointing out that the project will not cost the government very much. He was worried that the chaotic urbanization of modern neighborhoods is out of control.

The mayor of Rafhaa Municipality Osman Saleh Al-Dabban told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that the municipality was working on priorities of development. He pointed out that it started constructing public parks in old neighborhoods and due to the lack of financial funds, the gardens of Al-Yarmouk, Al-Jamaima, and the North have not been completed. He explained that these developments are part of the study for the next budget.

Al-Dabban said that the municipality is now blocking random bumps, and after completion it will begin to remove the violations and will instead build bumps according to the standards. He promised that the municipality will build a sidewalk when constructing new projects.

He attributed the sewage water in the eastern neighborhoods to the repeated excavation works due to lack of coordination between the water, communications and electricity companies. He stressed that the municipality is working hard to address these issues, in addition to introducing special projects for the maintenance and treatment of swamps.