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Zionist enemy reveals railway project linking Haifa Seaport with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, June 26, 2018

Hebrew sources revealed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Transportation Minister Israel Katz agreed this week to begin promoting new transportation railway, which connects between Europe and Saudi Arabia through the occupied Palestinian territories.

In an exclusive report published for the first time, political analyst for the Zionist channel 12 Dana Weiss said that 'the project called ‘Tracks for Regional Peace’ is based on the planned extension of railway tracks in northern Israel, which would link Haifa’s seaport to Jordan’s rail network, which in turn will be linked with that of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab states.'

'This project joins US efforts to connect Israel and the moderate countries in the region to confront the Iranian threat, as it aims to connect the Middle East to the whole world through the railway that passes through Israel, where the two agreed, Netanyahu and Katz, to advance their project to mobilize support Regional and international, because it will change the face of the Middle East,” the report said.

Israel sees the project as an alternative trade route for all countries in the region to connect East and West, providing short, fast, cheap and safer routes, especially in view of the Iranian threat in the region and its proximity to sea ports in the Arabian Gulf and the sea. The possibility of using rocket-propelled grenades towards the shores of the sea, and the booby-trapping of naval vessels, whether through its Houthi allies in Yemen or Bahraini pirates.

'The United States is expected to play the role of sponsor of this project, as well as regional and global countries that will seek to provide the necessary support to start it, whether in planning, financing or implementing it. The project is based on the common security, intelligence and economic interests of many Countries of the region,' the report concluded.