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Saudi Arabia's KSRelief distributes relief items in Hodeidah

Saudi Arabia, July 3, 2018

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief) has distributed food and other relief items among the displaced people in Yemen’s Hodeidah governorate.
Since the foundation of Saudi Arabia, its wealth has not been limited to its citizens but has been spread throughout most of the world.
It has provided humanitarian aid, charitable grants and soft loans to countries regardless of color or race. The Kingdom has always been one of the world’s top providers of aid.
The Kingdom’s humanitarian tenders in accordance with the official Saudi Aid Platform in its current phase (2007-2017) has reached a total of $32.83 billion.
The top five recipient countries of aid from Saudi Arabia are: Yemen, with a total of $14 billion for 290 projects, followed by Syria with a total of $3 billion/153 projects, Egypt was ranked third with a total of $2 billion/20 projects, while Niger was ranked fourth with a total of $1.230 billion/7 projects and Mauritania was ranked fifth with 14 projects and a total of $1.219 million.