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Careem Adds Features to Serve the Blind in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, August 1, 2018

Careem, the largest provider of smart transportation services in the Kingdom, has announced a new phase of development to its application to comply with the accessibility feature to facilitate its use for the blind.

In the past few weeks, Careem has collaborated with a number of blind people to complete the testing phase and share their observations and challenges in using the app.

The development of Careem apps on Android and iOS comes in line with the 'accessibility' feature that is consistent with Careem's core mission of “simplify people's lives” to ensure that blind people benefit from the company's services.

Accessibility features are designed to help people with disabilities use technology more easily. For example, a text-to-speech feature may read text out loud for people with limited vision, while a speech-recognition feature allows users with limited mobility to control the computer with their voice.

Dr. Abdulla Elyas, Co-Founder and CEO of Careem KSA, said: 'The development of Careem app to meet the needs of the blind is a proud even albeit late. We now ensure that blind people use our services without the need to help someone else.'

Careem was launched in 2012 and over the past six years, the company has experienced month-to-month growth of over 30% and is currently present in more than 50 cities in Saudi Arabia. Since its launch, Careem has provided millions of successful rides to millions of users with more than 170,000 Saudi captains.