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Over 12 million traffic violations in a year

Saudi Arabia, August 8, 2018

There were 12.17 million traffic violations committed all over the Kingdom during 2017, local daily Al-Watan reported on Tuesday quoting statistics released by the Directorate General of Traffic.

According to the statistics, Makkah, with 5.4 million violations representing 45 percent of the total, topped other regions of the Kingdom in the number of the traffic violations, followed by Riyadh with 2.1 million violations (18 percent).

The Eastern Province came third on the list with 1.9 million traffic violations (9 percent).

The violations varied from speeding to incorrect overtaking, driving without a license, running the red light, wrong parking, not fastening the seat belt, using mobile phone while driving and other miscellaneous violations.

According to the statistics, there were 594,289 cases of speeding, 265,738 incorrect overtaking, 384,187 cases of driving without license, 165,847 violations of carrying passengers, 227,751 cases of reversing on the road and 879,922 cases of shading car windows.

According to the statistics, more than 33,000 traffic violations are being committed in various parts of the Kingdom daily.