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Khader Rizk unveils rare diamond jewelry

Saudi Arabia, October 4, 2018

“ALLAH is One” is one of the most timeless national songs in the history of Saudi art in the eighties. The poet Prince Bader Bin Abdul Mohsen wrote the lyrics and the performance of the Arab artist Mohammed Abdo was perfected. A piece of diamond jewelry, each one of which represents a part of the poem’s verses, with the design and innovation of Saudi businessman and designer Khader Rizk.

The collection of jewelry was made in Saudi Arabia, inspired by the design of the house of poetry in the poem «in our hand the book of God and in our hands» was 22 pieces in the form of swords gilded and studded with pure diamonds, and handles swords open “Quran”, and wrote the verses on each sword in a way that reflects the thought and mastery, coinciding with the issuance of the National Day.

Rizk said about the idea of design: “For years I enjoy this national song, but in one of the moments of silence with self established in my mind one of the verses and the reputation of several times and I imagined her embodiment as a piece of jewelry by virtue of my work and the validity of this profession, and after four months of thinking and work shift inspiration to reality.”

“It’s the most important piece of my life,” he noted.