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First Saudi ride hailing application a success

Saudi Arabia, October 18, 2018

JEENY - the on-demand ride hailing and delivery orders smart mobile application company - launched its services in Saudi to be the first entering the market in late 2013, among ride hailing applications. The mobile app was named “Easy Taxi” back then, and later on rebranded to “Jeeny” in early 2018 which means the Genie that grants wishes, to relate more to locals and release more service that ease day to day commutes for citizens.

Ever since launching in Saudi as its main hub for Middle Eastern market as “Easy Taxi” in late 2013, Jeeny’s mission is still aiming to support the Saudi market’s growing needs of services that makes life easier in this fast paced era, while keeping its prices at lowest costs possible for Saudis compared to similar apps. In addition, providing job opportunities and an increased income generator to the Saudi youth has also been a pillar to which the company stands up. Reaching out to company official Falah Alonzi, General Manager of Jeeny in Saudi, said “since day one, we understood that the Saudi public needs a practical transportation service.”

“We want users to be satisfied from two main aspects; one is to be content when choosing our services; knowing that they will be taking the most affordable choice. The other aspect is to be comfortable when a citizen joins our fleet of drivers; knowing they have secured a stable and flexible job,” Alonzi added.