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Riyadh Airports on the fast track of upgrading services at KKIA

Saudi Arabia, November 26, 2018

RECENT reports by the Airport Council International (ACI) showed that the KKIA has made a significant jump in ranking for the Q3 of 2018. The airport has moved almost 58 ranks comparing to last year, in which it moved from 151 to 93.

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport (RUH), operated by the newly established company Riyadh Airports as a part of aviation sector privatization in the kingdom, has been witnessing a tremendous change since last year where many services have been launched and some of which were perceived by the aviation community in the region as a creative unprecedented move, like in the case of the costumer care team at KKIA terminals, Ask Me team.

Riyadh Airports has also set a new record for passenger satisfaction on the quality of services provided at RUH, which gained 4.45 of 5 points compared to 4.18 in the last ACI rating.

Aviation local media observers referred the recent changes at the Saudi capital airport to a Riyadh airports strategy for matching international developments particularly on the costumer experience level. This strategy includes five phases and it started by surveying 11 contact points such as departure area, pre-boarding, shopping, services and others.

New developments projects include expansion of Terminals 3 and 4, developing the infrastructure, runways, corridors and aircraft parking, as well as a number of future projects to be implemented by the company such as the rehabilitation of the baggage area, and new road network developing the travel area, preparation of a children›s area and the development of sophisticated self-service for travelers, in addition to improving services and facilities over the airport.