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Mobily leader in Hosting Infrastructure Services in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, September 3, 2019

RIYADH — According to the latest report 'Competitive Profiles and 2018 Analysis of Leading IT Services Players in KSA' by global research company International Data Company (IDC), Mobily has been ranked no. 1 in Hosting Infrastructure Service with 18.2% market share in 2018. The IDC study presents the top 75 IT services providers in Saudi Arabia, including their market shares, based on their respective performances in 2018. The announcement showcases Mobily's investment in further accelerating the digital transformation ambitions of Saudi Arabia.

Mobily Chief Business & Wholesale Officer Majed AlOtaibi said 'building the cornerstone of digital transformation through next-gen infrastructure with trusted partners is going to be a vital part of Saudi Arabia’s transformation. Mobily has and will continue to support the digitization initiative, which is a key part of the National Transformation Program and the wider Vision 2030. Mobily's world class datacenter- and ecosystem-driven approach towards technology will play a key role in offering services to its customers in order to realize their business goals and help build a stronger economy for the Kingdom.'

Mobily has been a pioneer in the datacenter space in the Kingdom for several years. The company currently owns and operates a number of datacenters across the Kingdom including Malga, a Tier 4-ranked datacenter. Malga was the first to receive such a ranking in Saudi Arabia, which is the highest level of certification awarded to a datacenter. Mobily also owns and operates 2 Tier (3) III datacenters, one each in Dammam and Jeddah, which enjoy the highest certification class of operational sustainability. Additionally, Mobily offers co-location, managed services, enterprise class cloud, virtual server recovery and other leading IOT services.