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GAA launches first Autofix Multi-Brand Service Center in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia, October 20, 2019

RIYADH — Gulf Advantage Automobiles (GAA), the importer of Renault cars in the Kingdom, has announced the launch of the first 'Autofix Multi-Brand Services' center in Riyadh. All needs of customers owning any make or model from the smallest to the largest vehicles will be accommodated at Autofix according to the highest standards and the greatest levels of quality to meet all the needs of customers and achieve their aspirations, allowing them to enjoy a premium service experience.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by many senior officials from Gulf Advantage Automobiles, VIP customers and representatives of major business associates, as well as esteemed members of the press.

Autofix Multi-Brand Service Center, under the umbrella of Gulf Advantage Automotive (GAA), is a new venture providing maintenance and repair services, tires, oil change, brake, exhaust, air conditioner, mechanical, and electrical services by a team of qualified technicians trained at specialized institutions to carry out high quality maintenance in an effective and efficient manner.

Gulf Advantage Automobiles management commented on the occasion and expressed great joy and delight at the inauguration ceremony of the first of its kind Autofix maintenance center in Riyadh. The new launch is part of the company's plans to enhance its offerings and services in the Kingdom.

The company further commented that the 'Multi-Brand Service' center represents one important step out of many to come in the future. The center offers to its customers in the Kingdom the best after-sales services, maintenance, and spare parts to the satisfaction of its customers. Autofix is being launched in Riyadh but will then be spread to various cities in the Kingdom, the GCC region, and the Middle East.

Autofix in Riyadh is strategically located on King Fahd Road, near Movenpick Hotel. It boasts an area of 1200 square meters and can accommodate 51 cars per day.

The workshop offers many distinctive services for different types and models of cars. It can service Renault, other French, German, Japanese, American, Korean and Chinese cars.

All Autofix branches will be linked to the central call center to receive all customers inquires, in addition to measure customer’s satisfaction.