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Samsung launches Galaxy Fold in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, October 20, 2019

JEDDAH – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launched its latest premium smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, in the Saudi market last Oct. 13.

The Galaxy Fold is designed to inspire new experiences for users with its revolutionary design.

Y.J. Kim, President of Samsung Electronics in the Kingdom, expressed his pride for the launch of the Galaxy Fold smartphone, as the device redefines the smartphone experience and pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can offer. Samsung’s innate ingenuity is the reason the Galaxy Fold sets the bar for a new mobile category, with continuous innovation and quality measures that ensure nothing but the best quality experience for the premium customer. This device paves the way for a world of possibilities in terms of advanced features and a better integrated user experience, defying the barriers of traditional smartphone design.

Given Samsung’s customer-centric approach when it came to the design of the Galaxy Fold, the device offers everything from a sleek and elegant design, larger screen and outstanding performance, so that premium users never miss a beat. This pioneering mobile technology was engineered with the entire customer journey in mind, and this shows in a first-of-its-kind user experience combining users’ favorite smartphone and tablet features to deliver a new kind of mobile device.

Galaxy Fold completely reimagines the smartphone, changing the way users interact, communicate and experience everyday life. Precisely refined, slender and encased in luxuriously finished materials, Galaxy Fold lets users totally immerse themselves to whatever they need, wherever they are in the palm of their hand. They can access their essentials on the cover display while holding Galaxy Fold comfortably in one hand, and open it up to use multiple apps at once.

The Galaxy Fold’s revolutionary form factor offers a bigger, more immersive screen without sacrificing portability. Not to mention the latest versatile camera that delivers a premium experience with Samsung's largest, 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display with a polymer material to ensure flexibility and slimness. It opens as smoothly and naturally as a book.

The Galaxy Fold transforms how users capture, share, and edit mobile content. When closed, users can shoot a quick video, and then simply open the device to watch it on a larger screen—with App Continuity, the video seamlessly transitions from the cover display to the main display. With Multi-Active Window, users can run multiple apps at once in real-time and effectively multitask: Edit footage, browse through the photo gallery for still shots, and read emails from friends and co-workers, all at the same time.

The premium device is powered by a 4380 mAh battery that operates at high efficiency, and supports fast charging. The battery is also supported by AI technology that learns the user’s usage patterns and optimizes the power consumption accordingly. The Galaxy Fold also offers the highest levels of security with its fingerprint sensor and RGB light sensor.