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Riyad Bank achieves highest uplift in Ad Awareness of any brand in KSA

October 8, 2020

RIYADH — Riyad Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, enjoyed the greatest improvement in Ad Awareness of any brand during September. The uplift coincides with the brands Blood Donation drive as well as their 75th National day campaign both of which appear to have resonated with the public.

YouGov brand tracking data shows that the campaign has resonated with the general public, with Riyad Bank’s Ad Awareness score rising by 7.8 points, from +17.4 at the beginning of the month, to +25.2 on the Sept. 29.

Among the younger Population (18-34 year olds) these numbers are even higher, with Ad Awareness reaching +25.6 at the end of September, increasing by 9.8 points throughout the month.

Looking at how this uplift in Ad Awareness has impacted Consideration for Riyad Bank, at the total population level, consideration has increased by a significant 4.2 points.

However, among the 18-34 age group, consideration for Riyad Bank has increased significantly, by 7.3 points, from +12.2 in August (simple average for the month), compared to +19.5 for all of September.

Amongst the over 35 age group, the uplift was a non-significant 1.2 points. This shows that while the adverts have cut through and were noticed at the total population level, when analyzing the impact of the campaign, the behavioral changes were more apparent amongst the younger population, 18-34 year old audience.

The success of these campaigns will continue to be tracked in BrandIndex over the coming weeks, and we will get a better idea of whether these campaigns have translated to greater Current Customer numbers for Riyad Bank in KSA.