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Health Ministry ‘937’ Call Center provides 3.7 million medical consultations

July 12, 2020

RIYADH – The Ministry of Health has said that its ‘937’ health services Call Center has provided 3.7 million medical consultations since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic till now, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Saturday.

The Center has over 1,500 customer service specialists, employees and doctors responding via various channels, such as, telephone, social media, email, electronic applications, and instant chat on the ministry's website.

The Center is continuing to provide its services to the beneficiaries, as it is the voice of the beneficiary and the community. It functions according to methods that focus on and revolve around the beneficiary and to provide him with all the services.

The Center’s role is not restricted to receiving calls only, but it follows up and verifies if the report or complaint has been acted on and whether the file has been closed or not, and how far the beneficiaries and complainants are satisfied with the measures taken. The Center then raises suggestions for improvement.

This is in addition to analyzing data and coming up with statistics and recommendations to ensure improvement of services and providing creative solutions and best services to support the development of services and businesses, and electronic applications made available by the Ministry of Health.

The Center is deemed one of the call centers that operate within the General Administration for Call Centers in the Ministry of Health, along with a specialized center in the business sector, and a center specialized in personnel services.

The Center functions according to the best practices in the field of excellence and communication services and provides the following services: Medical consulting services with competent, qualified doctors and appointment service for primary healthcare centers.

It also provides appointment services for antismoking clinics, technical support for the e-health applications of the Ministry, medical referral service and treatment requests, complaints and reports service; as well as services for receiving suggestions and creative ideas, general inquiries, and following up on transactions.