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Saudi nanotechnology research team obtains patent for chemical sensing, photo-catalysis

November 8, 2020

NAJRAN — The Saudi Nanotechnology Research Center, at the University of Najran has managed to file for registering a world recognized patent of nanoscopic scale, officially, issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office and obtained it.

The Saudi patent related to a newly invented technique for chemical sensing and photo-catalysis, through applying new overlay or multi-layer of porous silicon embossed with silver nanoparticles, the research team of the center elaborated.

The research team added that the invention is a design of a sensitive chemical sensor that enables, on application, to detect Vitamin C found in medical capsules and available in pharmacies.

All through lab tests, the sensor has given a very fast response, in less than five seconds and also has shown a high degree of selectivity towards Vitamin C, in the presence of some other vital substances commonly present with it, such as glucose, dopamine, citric acid and uric acid.

Meanwhile the sensor did not display a significant deterioration or degradation, in terms of performance, preserving the same degree of sensitivity, and no change has occurred or observed, neither during storing and nor on using it, for several-time experiments.